Your s s c farewell day

Find below some useful quotes and sayings for the graduating students. Thank you everyone and I wish good luck to each one of you for your future!

Farewell speech by outgoing students of class 10

As a class teacher of this batch, I am very proud to say that is batch was the best batch. I am really surprised and feel honored at the same for the fact that I have been given this opportunity to deliver the speech as well as we have got such grand farewell by them, Thank You! One more thing I want to say you all that, this is a turning point of your career and you are going to enter in your professional studies. She used to give me extra time, support and always helped me with my projects and assignments during my days of anxiety and worry. Throughout our college life, we made lots of mistakes but the faculty had been great supporter who showed trust in us throughout. Apart from that off course, our Principal Sir has been highly supportive and he has always motivated the students to participate in sports and all other extracurricular activities such as Quiz, debates, Indoor games, etc. However, remember to keep them brief and precise when putting words down. In the end I would just like to say that you all were dearly loved and will be missed.

I vividly remember the days when your parents and guardians left you at the entrance gate of this school and your small feet stepped into a new place. He would provide us with extra study material and allow us to stay in the library even after working hours for studying and completing the course.

They asked them to do their best and face life challenges with confidence.

farewell speech in tamil

Welcome you all for your nice coming in the farewell party today on 16th of March. I wish you all happy, adventurous, amazing experiences and new friendships in the future journey of your life.

Your s s c farewell day

Look for the right words to make the send-off party colorful and that which will grab your audience attention. Write down some success stories that happened during their stay in the school. A farewell party was organised at school premises where all the seniors and juniors had a lot of fun together. I am sure that you all are going to miss all this. While on the one hand, we are hugely satisfied and happy that we have passed one of the biggest exams of our life and have become graduates, we are sad on the other hand, since we know that we are not going to see all these faces again at least not of our dear Principal Sir, VP Sir and superb faculty members. Success will be on your way, just keep something in your mind that be always right in your actions and never forget that truth always wins. She used to give me extra time, support and always helped me with my projects and assignments during my days of anxiety and worry. Whenever I think over all the past memories with my seniors, I get overwhelmed and think that I also has been a senior of my juniors and me too have to owe the same responsibilities to become a good senior. We all have different feelings and attitudes however we develop good traits in the school together with our seniors. Think big thoughts and be optimistic in whatever you are doing.

It has been a pleasure meeting and teaching this friendly batch.

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Farewell Speech by Students on Farewell Party