Write a statistical question and list three possible answer choices

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statistics practice questions and answers

Compare that to the mean dogs' weight. Whether these are statistical questions or not.

good statistical questions examples

Central Tendency When the answers to a statistical question are numerical data, we can ask about the central tendency of that data. What are some examples of surveys? You could go look at their tax forms, see how much each of them get paid. After the discussion, students will complete an exit ticket determining if a question is statistical or not and changing a non-statistical question to statistical.

Well, that's where the statistics could be valuable.

Interesting statistical questions

Do wolves weigh, actually no, this fits the pattern of the previous one. But, the answer there is 0. Possible student response: I know this is a statistical question because it gives a specific population, 7th graders, and there are many different answers, or question variability. So one person might be 10 years old, another person might be 20, another person might be So you don't need statistics here. Case 1: A is correct, then D is also correct. Case 3: C is correct.

So once again, there's variation here.

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Statistical and non statistical questions (video)