Write a sentence with the word combine

He was president of the Congress.

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Different states or groups can combine to enlarge their markets. Sacagawea, one of the Indian wives of Charbonneau, who was a French fur-trader, accompanied the expedition as a translator.

Write a sentence with the word combine

Insert a period and make two separate sentences. When we use subordination of clauses to combine ideas, the rules of punctuation are very important. It has existed for over years. In Philadelphia, Lewis learned to chart and analyze the movement of the stars with mathematical precision. Captain Lewis more or less ignored this technicality and treated Clark as his equal in authority and rank. The factory was sold to a British combine after the war. His men in the Corps of Discovery were dispersed. The participial phrase does not contain the subject-participle relationship of the absolute phrase; it modifies the subject of the the independent clause that follows. A pregnant, fifteen-year-old Indian woman, Sacagawea, one of the wives of the French fur-trader Charbonneau, accompanied the expedition as a translator. He also believed that meant he could claim all that land for the United States. Ruth hesitated, uncertain of how to combine honesty and diplomacy in her answer.

He also believed that meant he could claim all that land for the United States. By cutting out the needless repetition and adding a few conjunctionswe can combine these three short sentences into a single cohesive sentence.

Combine meaning

If, however, we desire to give prominence to the "cutting down of the average of duty to twenty per cent," then we must write, "The average of duty was cut down to twenty per cent by an Act passed in Two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen to form a molecule of water. They discovered, to their horror, that the Rocky Mountain range stood between them and their goal, a passage to the Pacific. An appositive or appositive phrase is a renaming, a re-identification, of something earlier in the text. Notice that when two such elements of a sentence are compounded with a coordinating conjunction as opposed to the two independent clauses of a compound sentence , the conjunction is usually adequate and no comma is required. His fame and fortune virtually guaranteed by his exploits, Lewis disappointed the entire world by inexplicably failing to publish his journals. Lewis's fame and fortune was virtually guaranteed by his exploits. At one end is a gallery. He picked up a slipper. Modifiers: Whenever it is appropriate, modifiers such as prepositional phrases can be compounded. Colon Colons connect two complete sentences when the second sentence completes, explains, or illustrates the idea in the first sentence. Allowing his men to make important decisions in a democratic manner, Lewis fostered a spirit of togetherness and commitment among his fellow explorers.

He was certainly not cut out to combine the jobs of editing and writing as a journalist. He picked up a slipper. This was the greatest force ever brought into the field.

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Children's books to use with this strategy The Red Book.

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