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The most influential member of Congress had been seen to negotiate with him on equal terms. Nehru who himself was an ardent believer in the socialist economy, brought a mixed economy system in India, where the major industries were owned by the government while co-existing with private sector.

John Ambulance and called out the imperial government in India for the censorship acts.

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Nehru always wanted to be friendly with his neighboring countries as his policy was a success is possible only when respect become a give and take policy. Inhis efforts paid off and the Congress was invited to attend the congress of oppressed nationalities in Brussels in Belgium.

He sought foreign allies for India and forged links with movements for independence and democracy all over the world.

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The meeting was called to co-ordinate and plan a common struggle against imperialism. He was hopeful for the youth. This is a quality many of the later prime ministers lacked. He became involved with aggressive nationalists leaders who were demanding Home Rule for Indians. I mused of Indian freedom and Asiatic freedom from the thraldom of Europe. Unfortunately, the pact did not instantly usher in a peaceful climate in British-controlled India, and both Nehru and Gandhi were jailed in early on charges of attempting to mount another civil disobedience movement. Nehru uses to travel across India while he was holding the office of Prime minister. In he became general secretary of the party for two years, and he did so again in for another two years. He grew up in an atmosphere of privilege at wealthy homes including a palatial estate called the Anand Bhavan. In he went to Harrow , a leading English school, where he stayed for two years.

However, it took two years for the British government to finally transfer the power to Indian authorities, and on August 15,India was declared independent.

National Security and International Policy The Kashmir region—which was claimed by both India and Pakistan—was a perennial problem throughout Nehru's leadership, and his cautious efforts to settle the dispute ultimately failed, resulting in Pakistan making an unsuccessful attempt to seize Kashmir by force in Prasad as Congress President in In some places the states were willingly acceding to Indian state, while in some instances the Indian government had to use force as a means to integrate territories with India.

He wrote: "Visions of similar deeds in India came before, of [my] gallant fight for [Indian] freedom and in my mind India and Italy got strangely mixed together.

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Early life and career — Birth and family background Jawaharlal Nehru was born on 14 November in Allahabad in British India. Internationally, starting in the late s, both the United States and the U. As a boy, he was homeschooled in India , mostly by a series of English governesses and tutors. His father, Motilal Nehru — , a self-made wealthy barrister who belonged to the Kashmiri Pandit community, [5] served twice as President of the Indian National Congress , in and The major thing to be noted is that all these three books were written by Nehru before independence. It was Nehru who gifted dreams for the youth of this country. Standing with a straight spine and not bending heading in front of the superpowers made Nehru an icon among other world leaders. In , his efforts paid off and the Congress was invited to attend the congress of oppressed nationalities in Brussels in Belgium. Nehru represented India and was elected to the Executive Council of the League against Imperialism that was born at this meeting. No other Leaders in history faced such a tough situation has Nehru faced after independence. He uses to go to every city and village in India to understand the problems of the people and also to find in which sector India should focus more. Jawaharlal will be my successor.
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