Was douglas haig the butcher of the somme essay

I will talk about the evidences and explain why many people view both sides and if he deserves the title or not. He faced many problems from the state French had left the army in.

For Newfoundland, the scars of Beaumont Hamel on the opening day of the offensive remain.

battle of the somme

However stupid they might have been, however much they were the product of a system which obstructed enterprise, they knew what they were doing. There are more and more evidences to support both sides of opinion. The regiment was nearly wiped out — dead or wounded out of about The temperamental John French, who commanded the western front, had to be replaced.

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Trench warfare was introduced for the first time. His plan failed. From a great adventure, to a bloody event. Indeed, the bloodshed of the summer of has more or less been roundly laid at his door. His Presbyterian faith provided him with strength all his life, says Prof.

The plan The offensive on the Somme was initially conceived as part of a wider strategy to wear down the German Army by attacking it on all fronts in

Was douglas haig the butcher of the somme essay
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Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme? Free Essays