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Raga, Regalia and classique come under this strategy.

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Raga, Classique and Regalia come under this strategy. According to a survey that advise one in seven persons in no need is had by the UK for watch, aside from as a vogue equipment.

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The data is presented using pie charts and bar diagrams. To study consumer awareness and perception about the brand repositioning Strategies of Titan watches. And to keep up with them, Titan sophistication. Watch is one of the consumer durables whose replacement rate is very high. Sub brands like Steel, Dash, Edge, Nebula, Fastrack, Raga and Royale were introduced to the market when Titan realized that the customers were looking for something new and exciting. Research into brand repositioning is relevant not only to the development of brand management theory, but also extends to corporate strategy through an examination of corporate brands. Creative advertising: Titan products reach its customers through advertisements on Television and Internet. It has skilled employee to serve the customers.

Three actions can aid in this process: 1 Carefully crafted communication, 2 New products, packaging, etc. The schedule covered parameters like reasons for consumers brand preference; recollection of earlier tagline and advertisement, brand ambassador of Titan; awareness of new tagline and campaign featuring Aamir Khan, new designs and so on.

With direct and Internet marketing Titan has made the purchases more convenient for the customer.

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Due to having control over the fixed cost, it is easier for TITAN to run well over the margin and achieve high growth in every aspect. Titan sells there surplus stock at reduced prices in Value Mart. The unique challenge of a repositioning Strategy, thus, lies in rejuvenating the brand image to make it relevant in an evolving environment, while honoring the brand equity heritage. So the new entrant has to have an offering, which can be positioned and differentiated from the other players in the market. Can it deliver? Titan was the first company to launch quartz watches in India. The strategy has been studied in deep during the project. At the Titan Watch Care Centres, all repair activities follow a strict and systematic process that is controlled and measured through an ISO audit system. To show the aspirations of children, a young girl was shown staring at an object and, later in the frame, you see the object is a butterfly the girl wants to fly. Besides being a timekeeper that helps me keep up with my busy schedules, it also adds to my style quotient.

Some brands will on no account be thought on as a luxury brand and therefore an attempt to reposition will only damage the brand image or the actual company.

With around a third of the UK people being the owner of a part of treasured jewellery and practically in ten buying a look at, items contain a great price of buyer puncture. The company becomes more reliable and more acceptances to the consumer because of its marketing mix.

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From Notoriety to Aspiration 6. Effective marketing management will use a company's resources to increase its customer base, improve customer opinions of the company's products and services, and increase the company's perceived value. Creative advertising: Titan products reach its customers through advertisements on Television and Internet. Priced between Rs 2, and Rs 4,, this range comprises five styles with versions in gold, steel and bi-metal finish. It uses several setting tactics; these tactics can be examined as granted below: Attribute Ranking: When the firm released its goods, it was the initial to get quartz pieces to Native american industry. Kids are freer in their thinking than adults and we hope this has been portrayed, Pandey says. They have already established operation plant in different parts of India in order to produce high quality watches in a minimum cost. They want toughnesswhich translates into a good quality metal model at a reasonable price.

If a brand has been established at the market for some time and wish to change their image they can consider repositioning, although one of the hardest actions in marketing is to reposition a familiar brand.

For the year ended MarchTitan Industries reported a It also plans to set up two Greenfield manufacturing plants for watches in Coimbatore and precision engineering in Hosur besides setting up a Karigar centre at Hosur, Bhaskar Bhat, managing director, Titan Industries said.

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Under this force, watch industry is favorable. Titan should not ignore its competitors Timex and Maxima.

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Titan watches without any doubt are the market leader in this segment.

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Project on Marketing Strategy of Titan Watches