There is a garden in her face by thomas campion essay

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And the poem has definitely nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth I. This dude wants this chick, but realizes she's not a tramp. Thomas Campion is saying that her face is a heavenly paradise where beautiful flowers grow.

This woman is so beautiful that it almost seems impossible that she is a real person and that this is only a dream. While the gardener has to clean all of the dirt and weeds out of the garden, a woman has to exfoliate her skin to clean the dirt out of her pores so as to keep from having inflammations.

The speaker also describes "where rose and white lilies grow" which is meant to mean her cheeks are rosy and her skin is white. Thomas Campion does a very skillful job in using metaphors and similes in his works. This poem is about how the human imagination depicts women in this world.

The lady is viewed to be unapproachable unless she gives her permission to be approached. Now the thing about a blazon is that it can never be too personalized because it only describes physical appearance hair, skin, eyes etc etc.

The process of having a beautiful face is very similar to the process of having a beautiful garden. The image is false, and so is his love because he is only focusing on her outward appearance. Red is the colour of love and passion. It is important to add detail to a story and for the audience to picture the image just as the author did. The lady is viewed to be unapproachable unless she gives her permission to be approached. This perception of the lady as a divine creature is emphasized by the many references to heaven. They are a forbidden fruit, similar to those of the Garden of Eden, that

Roses and cherries are repeatedly used to describe various parts of the lady, like her rosy cheeks and luscious lips. But maybe, it's not the meaning of the poem. Throughout the day, her make-up will fade and she will need to do a touch up, much like the person who is watering the flowers.

Pearls are usually thought of when you think of a wealthy person.

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Analysis of the poem "There is a Garden in her face" by Thomas Campion.