The tiv concept of a good

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Lagos, Nigeria, Leadership was based on age, influence and affluence. Jibo, Mvendaga.

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The Tiv people of Benue state still practise some of this traditional system of communication, using the Kakais, Agbande, Indyer, Adiguve, Ilyu, etc.

When there is an enemy attack on the community, a warning sound of the Kakaki is blown to alert those who can defend the society and every citizen to be alert.

Rather, the acts and devices of living human beings activate the forces of evil.

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Village sectors in Africa communicate mostly via the marketplace of ideas contributed by traditional religion, observances, divination, mythology, age-grades, the Chiefs courts, the elder's square, secret and title societies, the village market square, the village drum gbande men, indeed the total experiences of the villager in his environment. Coins or other forms of wealth can be added to a less valuable sacrificial animal to make it taller and so serve as a more valuable one. Despite its publication date, this study is about Tiv religion as Captain Downes found it in the late s and early s. Leadership was based on age, influence and affluence. West Hartford, Conn. They work by forces akin to what Westerners think of as laws of nature. Samaru Zaria, Nigeria, The leaders' functions were to furnish safe conduct, arbitrate disputes within their lineages, sit on moots and lead their people in all external and internal affairs. Each has its own ritual required to activate it or to pacify it.

There are farmers' associations that use this instrument when they have a job to do; for instance, when they are invited to make ridges on a piece of land, the Public Relations Officer PRO of the association will use this medium to wake up the members for the work they have for that day.

Bibliography Akiga Benjamin Akighirga Sai.

The tiv concept of a good
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