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Specific detail consists of Sensory description The sky was a clear, deep blue, and the air was warm and still.

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A topic sentence generally appears early in a body paragraph often the first or second sentence and controls the paragraph. Exception 1: Occasionally, an analytical paragraph will have no topic sentence of its own but will relate to the topic sentence of the paragraph before it.

On the other hand, if a paragraph is very short only one or two sentences, perhapsyou may need to develop its controlling idea more thoroughly, or combine it with another paragraph.

Several support paragraphs usually work together to explain the main idea of a story, an essay, or a section of a business or technical report.

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Repeat key words or phrases. Several days later we began to notice a peculiar smell. In the paragraph above about scientists and the sense of sight, several sentences in the body of the paragraph have been constructed in a parallel way. A number of other techniques that you can use to establish coherence in paragraphs are described below. We show both kinds of relationships by means of transition words and phrases. A clear relationship to the main idea of the essay through signal words and paragraph transitions. Exception 2: Occasionally, for dramatic effect, a paragraph will begin with details and build up to a topic sentence at the end. A topic sentence is the most important sentence in a paragraph. Leading into the next topic sentence if this is an essay

By creating parallel structures you make your sentences clearer and easier to read. That night, after we were all asleep, my cousin shoved a dead porcupine into the crawl space under the bathroom.

Not all essays call for explicit topic sentences, but most beginning writers should learn how to write effective topic sentences early on in order to achieve paragraph unity.

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Do the transition words and phrases need clarifying? If you have written a very long paragraph, one that fills a double-spaced typed page, for example, you should check it carefully to see if it should start a new paragraph where the original paragraph wanders from its controlling idea.

For students who do not have a lot of experience in writing paragraphs, I recommend that the supporting sentences come after the topic sentence. Perspective Good professional writers often write strong paragraphs that do not follow this advice. Or they can bring happenings of long ago and far away as colored motion pictures, by arranging silver atoms and color-absorbing molecules to force light waves into the patterns of original reality.

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