Strategic analysis of hilton hotels in the uk

Swot analysis of hilton hotel

Additionally, GBP exchange rate against other major currencies and inflation rate in the UK represent significant factors that can impact Hilton performance in the country. This is a major test to the competitiveness of Hilton Hotel as its services are reproduced by many hotels in the UK. It has also committed to the advancement of renewable energy as a source of power for its operations, not only to reduce its carbon footprints but to develop a viable commercial infrastructure for powering hotels and corporate offices. Dudovskiy, J. Although Hilton hotel and resort brand operates globally in over 80 countries, but with the ongoing globalization, the luxury hotel industry is expanding rapidly and new luxury hotel brands are expanding accordingly with the innovations that make the ongoing globalization possible. Hotel Hilton is a global chain of hotels comprising of numerous luxurious hotels, resorts and choice service hotels Hombach, , p. But the monetary value and value offered is merely satisfactory when comparing to west eleven and the emarketig is non good plenty every bit good. The situation is even interesting due to the statistics that indicate that middle class tourists travel evenly throughout the year unlike the high end travellers that mostly travel during specific times of the year and holidays. Formation of strategic alliances 3. Market segmentation increases specialisation of the company as per the customer needs to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction Enz, It is also a gate pass that allows customers to enter the hotel without following the long channel of registration. Lasune, S. Weaknesses of Hilton Worldwide Shareholder pulling out Blackstone Group LP a private equity sponsor which buys stakes at a discount through a block trade, has decided to sell off all its shares in the Hilton group, which is equivalent to 15 million shares. Some of the most promising avenue is the online advertising especially the use of social media, which has over 2 billion users worldwide. It has over hotels and resorts in 85 different countries prevalent in six different continents.

Hilton Worldwide actively engages in lobbying in order to be able to influence certain political factors upon the business to a certain extent. Product: product development, brand effect The product is the most fundamental aspect of developing an effective marketing strategy the Hiltons as it entails what they can offer to meet the needs of their customers.

Hilton Worldwide, Environmental factors These factors include climatic and weather changes, waste management programs, pollution and recycling and making use of eco-friendly products and services Professional Academy, n.

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As such the study has suggested four comprehensive recommendations that the study can employ to achieve a maximal potential in marketing communication to its customers. Europe, the Middle East and Africa 3.

Strategic analysis of hilton hotels in the uk

Conference Paper , This allows the company to maximize its profits during the peak seasons Chon, Micro environment and Macro environment Environmental analysis enables an administration to develop appropriate selling schemes including the selling mix. The levels of economic diversification provided the UK with a cushion from the recent global economic recession. Bookmark the permalink. Lasune, S. In , Hilton opened its first hotel that had air-conditioning and cold running water in public rooms. More so, as much as the hotel has developed customer loyalty programs, more efforts is needed to ensure that regular customers feel special. Incorporating such innovativeness in other operations of the hotel is bound to positively impact the levels of customer satisfaction. This will increase income from such services cushioning the hotel during low seasons when room bookings are lowest. To set their service apart from their competitors this new concept has been devised to ensure all Hilton customers enjoyed a restorative stay or visit that helped to balance up their work and leisure need. Tenth edition. Chon, K. In fact, there are numerous technological support structures that enable the country to be recognised globally in terms of efficiency in its economic processes Enz,

Threats The threats facing the Hiltons include acts of terrorism, political turbulences in some countries and stiff competition from other well-established hotels like the Marriott. Hilton Hotels Corporations. Oxford University Press Inc.

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Marketing Strategy for Hotel Hilton