Starting a horse business plan

We have looked at several factors that if when used will allow us stay in business for a long period, make the necessary revenue and also compete favorably against our competitors.

horse boarding business plan template

Market Strategies Here, you will describe your research results on the need for an equine facility like yours and how you will persuade customers to use your facility. An appendix is not required, but it is an ideal place to attach additional information such as photos of your facility, snapshots of your website or other marketing materials, contracts for boarding, training or a lesson program, insurance, letters of reference and any awards or recognition your stable may have achieved.

We have also empowered our marketing executives to draft the right marketing strategies that are in tune with our company policies and will deliver our corporate sales goals. This can be anything from an increase in your grain costs to a competing facility opening near you.

horse racing business plan

Having a standard facility is a must and we will do well to ensure that all the equipment used are always up-to-date. I redesigned my website to be much more user-friendly, but in the process lost the high Google ranking I had worked for years to achieve.

Starting a horse business plan

Does the barn have heated wash stalls? Her many years in the industry made her well suited for the services offered by the farm. No matter what the business idea is, you have to be different in some way. Take a look at our Horse Business Budget Example to set up your budget. It takes you through a series of questions that will help you clarify and create or update both your business plan and the marketing plan that should accompany it. Need actual charts? We believe that if these three factors are well applied, we will effectively sustain and expand our business. We plan to advertise our horse business through the use of a website, Facebook page, yellow pages, and flyers at all local feed stores, tack stores, and other venues dealing with horses. We have also empowered our marketing executives to draft the right marketing strategies that are in tune with our company policies and will deliver our corporate sales goals. A formal business plan also addresses financial projections. If you teach lessons, board or train horses in your facility, you'll have client horses and lesson horses. Depending on the requirements of the lender, you made need to include prior tax returns, projections, and other supporting documents. These goals, and the methods to achieve them, will then become part of your Business Plan. Mistake 1 was suffering with a bad website for too long! Payment Options Due to the various services we intend to offer at Saddles Training School, LLC, we are offering our diverse customers different payment options so as to be able to cater to various requirements.

It is so common in the horse business to ignore business plans and common legal practice like contracts. By really looking at your business and understanding what you are trying to achieve and the steps you are going to take to make it a reality, you will have put into laser focus what you are trying to accomplish on a daily basis at the barn.

Will you be providing alternative therapies such as treadmills, cold compression systems or plate-vibration therapy?

Also, we would be paying the salaries of our employees as well as certain utility bills for at least the first six months of operations, which will also take a huge part of the capital.

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5 Steps to Starting a Successful Equestrian Business