Social networking sites can enhance communication for the autistic in the real life essay

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Social networking sites can enhance communication for the autistic in the real life essay

Such children report feeling of loneliness and exhibit low developed social skills. Social interactions between individuals have been made easier because of the creation of the internet, social networks, and cellphones. Peoples with autism suffer from the inability of societal interaction. My son spent most of his time on a computer, phone, tablet, or television. Such networking sites or blogs have received immense popularity in the present time and many people including the health practitioners can be seen joining and discussing on these sites. Cell phones enable everyday people do their work and communicate with friends or families. Social interactions permit young children to engage in activities such as play which enhances their fine and gross motor skills and develop their self-regulation. With social media, it is quicker and simpler to contact people, while easier to meet new individuals as well. In Korea, Cyworld has become an important part of everyday life Ellison, Such as the observations that will be performed as an assignment for the future. And social networking sites have become a platform for this process. This documentary film aims to change the perspective people have on fans that they are cheap, desperate, and low class. Univ Access Inf Soc, 8, pp.

Not surprisingly but many health practitioners also actively use such specific sites to keep in contact with their clients and even to administer treatment course. In addition, they are unaware of how much information they share to the public. Such interactive features have transformed web into a social information space Indratmo and Vassileva,p.

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Newton, T. Technology has changed dramatically and more and more people are relying on it to on a day to day basis. In order to prevent people from these threats, improving the privacy settings and informing them completely should be the major precautions. Get Essay Generally, users give a lot of personal information to become a member of these sites and it is easy to access this information for hackers and identity thieves. The area of Internet has changed this dramatically. Wing, L. The increased utilization of social networks, such as Facebook, has altered the means in which people attain and practice communication, and the social skills that are necessary to function in their daily lives. Such interactive features have transformed web into a social information space Indratmo and Vassileva, , p. We do not even think anything of it, because so many people have accounts on websites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. They still have trouble with context appropriate readings but they are varied in other signifiers of developmental and rational behavior. These slowly developed into refined social behaviours, social contacts and social actions. Dear social networking user: Are you at risk? The autism spectrum upsets ASDs are understood by shortages in societal interaction and communicating.

Newton et. In general, children with autism do not attend specialized schools for their needs.

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What makes these social networking sites as one the one of the most popular mode of social interaction is firstly, the exponential usage of the Internet itself. Certainly, this is true; without the advances in technology, our level of social interaction in education, businesses, and relationships would diminish However, in reality they are less well defined, due to sub-sequences and adaptations necessary to accommodate changing requirements

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