Seminar workshop business plan

The plan also serves as an effective communication tool for financing proposals. Do you have enough material to keep your participants interested over the course of a two-day workshop? Management Daug Matism is the organization and an expert in the field he teaches.

Countdown Item 7: The Big Day You and any assistants should arrive an hour or even two hours early to check the room setup and equipment one more time.

They must also have the foresight to plan for future expansion. This short GLOMACS Practical Business Planning Workshop, demonstrates a practical and robust method to produce a business vision, based on analysis and debate, which is then delivered through a coherent programme of projects delivered by engaged and accountable managers.

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The first prong is the use of free public seminars. However, we prefer to work with you in the development of your plan. Countdown Item 7: The Big Day You and any assistants should arrive an hour or even two hours early to check the room setup and equipment one more time. We can provide you with complete business planning services. Give yourself plenty of time to recover from jet lag. You will also receive a copy of financial templates which will helps you to create a cashflow forecast, startup cost and personal survival budget and there is an opportunity to network with like-minded people over a buffet lunch and discuss your business goals in a supportive environment. Together, we can create a plan for you that will serve as a guide for the life as your business and one that will also put you in the driver's seat when it comes time to go to a lender or investor. Call us for more information at

Don't forget phone and electrical outlets for your electronic card terminal. Who Should Attend?

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This is an important consideration. After you've decided what time of year you'll have your seminar, don't forget the all-important decision: where to host it. All rights reserved. Production of a plan for an imaginary company with role-play exercises using the proven methodology.

Seminar workshop business plan

Countdown Item 7: The Big Day You and any assistants should arrive an hour or even two hours early to check the room setup and equipment one more time. Include registration information, fees, deadlines, payment options and a registration form. Need actual charts? A training program is like a seminar except the attendees participate in the entire process. Choose your dream dates. How do we charge??? Set up a system for accepting and confirming registrations and payments.

They have been translated into foreign languages Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc. Include room setup and take-down fees, audiovisual costs, handout and program materials, food and beverage, speaker fees, pre-event marketing costs, post-event follow up mailings and your desired profit if applicable.

Finalize schedule and scripts Make sure everyone has the same schedule Get sign off on any scripts from speakers

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Work on those workbooks. Finalize speakers Finalize speaker fees and contracts Get bio info and photos Arrange travel and accommodations Choose a ticketing or registration technology Finalize sponsorship contributions 9. Daug recognizes the "small universe" of seminars and training programs and will leverage this element to generate significant business from network contacts. Your choices can range from a city park community center to a ballroom at the Ritz. Too often, business planning is an onerous annual chore driven by financial numbers alone, instead of a powerful method of defining and delivering profitable change for the organization. Send press kits to local and regional newspapers. This is also when you need to begin your seminar marketing efforts. Include booking a location and arranging for seating, a podium, audiovisual needs, a registration table and refreshments. You did a lot of the design work when you did your market research, choosing your target market and whittling down your niche to the one that best suits both your audience and you. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone that has started a business or is thinking of starting one. Double-check it against your market research. For Mac users, our software application will now run on their computers using Mac's Boot Camp application with Windows installed. Whether yours is a new business or an existing business in the process of expanding, money is often an issue. Put together a rough budget Borrow similar figures from past seminars for a baseline Fill in the holes with educated guesses 3. We can work with you either locally or through electronic communication.
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