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As for the Digital Appliances Business, rising raw material prices and other factors impacted profitability.

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Through these efforts, the company expects to achieve over USD 10 billion in sales and maintain a strong second place in the foundry market in For the System LSI and Foundry businesses, shipments of nanometer APs and crypto-currency mining chips will expand but earnings will be impacted due to sluggish demand for smartphone components.

For the set business, the company forecasts marketing expenditure for the IM business to increase mainly due to a new flagship product launch and fierce competition in the industry. With ongoing patent wars, Apple could consider moving from Samsung to other suppliers, polishing off that chunk of business Kingsley-Hughes, Datacenters will remain a key driver for SSD demand, and mobile demand is forecast to be strong as the high-density trend continues.

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As for the Networks business, earnings improved due to increased LTE investment of major carriers in the second quarter. In response, Samsung will focus on improving profitability and increasing sales through collaborations with local channel partners and through region-specific promotions. With ongoing patent wars, Apple could consider moving from Samsung to other suppliers, polishing off that chunk of business Kingsley-Hughes, It will allow it to grow its cloud-based services for its smartphones and Internet-connected devices. Capex rose substantially in due to efforts to respond to market growth and emerging technologies, which included expanding the production capacity for flexible OLED panels. The memory business enjoyed solid growth in demand in the second quarter. Under these circumstances, Samsung will strengthen cost competitiveness and diversify its customer base through new products and technologies in order to increase market share. In addition, the company will maintain profitability in the mid- to low-end segment. The year prior, "memory chips and flexible displays accounted for about 68 per cent of Samsung's operating profit in the final quarter of , a change from previous years when the smartphone business was the main contributor. In the second quarter, the company expects to secure growth with solid market demand for 10nm APs, image sensors and DDIs. SEC is mainly engaged in the production of consumer electronic products and operates in two divisions: end product division producing digital media and communication products and component division which produces semiconductors. The first Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will begin selling in the US in August , [55] with Nook focusing on the software and content, and Samsung focusing on the hardware. In addition, Samsung outlined a year plan to shrug off its image as a "budget brand" and to challenge Sony as the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturer.

The company estimated that the stronger Korean won against major currencies in the second quarter negatively impacted operating profit by approximately KRW 0. These efforts of brand building activities have helped Samsung to create a brand with a value that customers can trust.

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However, overall profit for the division decreased due to price adjustments of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The company will focus on sustaining growth in mobile processor sales and expanding its offerings from mobile to areas such as IoT, VR and automotive. As for the Consumer Electronics Division, earnings by the Visual Display Business slid YoY following an adjustment in its TV lineup where some mid-range to low-end products were removed. Although the company achieved sales growth and maintained its leading position in the premium market thanks to its high-end product line-ups including Quantum Dot TV and curved TV, profit declined YoY due to increased panel prices and currency fluctuations. For LCD, demand for large-size and UHD panels is forecast to continue and the company will focus on securing profits through expansion of value-added products, including ultra large-size and curved panels, and by improving yields and reducing costs. The first Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will begin selling in the US in August , [55] with Nook focusing on the software and content, and Samsung focusing on the hardware. In the process, Samsung used technologies imported from Micron Technology of the U. However, earnings decreased slightly YoY due to an increase in prices of raw materials and operating costs of the new factory in North America. Oliver, C. The overall business outlook for the second half regarding components is positive, as the company looks forward to strong demand for DRAM and increased sales of OLED panels.

Apart from the portfolio mix, marketing and branding campaign has also become one of the key strengths for SEC where Samsung recently attained No. In the second quarter, demand for premium smartphone components is expected to slow, and Samsung will focus on the stable supply of mobile processors and image sensors for flagship models.

The company also plans to achieve further growth by enhancing its B2B business in this sector, particularly for built-in kitchens and system air conditioners. Samsung will focus on increasing smartphone sales under strong seasonality with the launch of a new model, while expecting marketing expenses to increase QOQ due to seasonality.

For DRAM, demand stayed strong thanks to growth in servers and graphics products. It was hoped in this way Samsung would gain an understanding of how products are made and give a technological lead sometime in the future.

Despite this outlook, Samsung will focus on YOY earnings increase by strengthening its high-end line-up and maintaining solid profitability of mid to low-end products.

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Samsung Electronics Announces Second Quarter Results