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It has also increased the maximum limit on foreign direct investment recently to try and reduce the trade deficit.

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Will become lucrative for college students. Now let us understand the reasons behind the depreciation of the Indian rupee against the dollar currently; 1.

In the same way; when more and more foreign currency i.

How rupee value is determined against dollar

Second attempt, in india has recognisable limits. The rupee plunged to a month low on June While the supply of dollars will continue to be a problem, the demand for them will continue to remain high. India being a net crude oil importer, a sharp rise in prices can affect the import bill and disrupt the fiscal position. America has stoppe d valuing its Dollar with Gold 70 years ago. As we know that Indian import bill is always greater than its export bill. Though the RBI has been pretty laid back till now, Experts are hoping they will bring implement some major policy changes in the near future which might help strengthen the rupee. Essay on depreciation of indian rupee and its impact Research paper on wto and its impact on indian economy But within the rupee is the balance of answer where you. The goods and services exported by a country brings the foreign currency into the country while the goods and services imported into the country requires the payment to the foreign suppliers in an internationally accepted currency like USD. However, there are many foreign institutional investors FIIs in the world who park their funds where they get better interest rate.

What does it means common man? Hopefully the government will be successful in its attempts to arrest this fall and the Indian growth story will continue unabated. This puts thousands of businesses and millions of jobs at risk. Our economy is in your hands.

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This is tru e. Most other Asian currencies also edged down as the trade dispute between the United States and China kept investors on edge.

depreciation of indian rupee essay

However, nowadays, governments with flexible exchange rate also keep forex reserves to provide cushion against exchange rate shocks. To ward off an increasing inflation, the central bank of a country generally increases the interest rates.

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Why is Rupee falling Against Dollar : Reasons, Affect, Complication & Impact