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How important is this most basic human routine to our survival. Some beleive that dreams are meaningless to us and jsut another thing that is part of our lives. There can only be educated hypothesis when it comes to these phenomena. Many of Freud's theories still stand true today, but most of all in the area of defense mechanisms our body uses while we dream.

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Dream interpretations help to remove the blinders from our eyes. In a cognitive view, they beleive dreams is an important part of information proecssing. He believed that a dream represented an ongoing wish along with the previous day s activities. This is known as her cognitive Problem-Solving View , in which there is considerable continuity between waking and sleeping thought. The dreamer represents consciousness and the psyche. Review dreams is condtions and challenges of life and how we view ourselves. From then on it was that dream interpretation came to assume a major role in psychoanalysis. A patient would describe a dream as accurately as possible manifest content. There are many questions revolving around the huge topic of sleep; for instance why do we need it? Another interesting idea was that nothing is made up during a dream and that they are biologically determined, derived completely from instinctual needs and personal experiences. The cortex supposedly constructs a dream to make sense out of these signals. Dreaming takes place at this stage.

For adults REM is about every 90 minutes 1hr 30 min. Eliot, and "The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams encompass examples of color symbolism from both the prose and the poetry of literature.

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Sleeping is called REM. The conscious develops through sensing, thinking, and intution. These dreams are story like, intense, and passionate. There is no proven fact on why we dream. Other concepts in relation to inception are dream sharing and a dream within a dream. Words are not iused, the subconscious mind has metaphoric images. Our social and cultural diffreences affect dreams and how we perceive certain dream images when we are awake. In psychoanalytic view, Freud came up with a theory called the "wish-fulfilmetn theory. Are they instructions from the spiritual world or just deep, hidden wishes that can be used to unlock Other theorists such as Rosalind Cartwright in proposed that dreams provide an opportunity to work through everyday problems. The principal dream period, marked by a combination of rapid eye movement, a brain-wave pattern similar to that produced during wakefulness, and increased physiological activity, is known as REM Sleep or the Dream state. Some beleive that dreams are meaningless to us and jsut another thing that is part of our lives. And another theory is that dream should be seen as a prophecy, being able to tell us what awaits for us in the future.

What does sleep actually do for our brains and bodies? For that to happen we must fully go through REM or rapid eye movement. Dreaming takes place at this stage. During this stage, the person is still realzed and they do not know what is going on in the outside surroundings. Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley have argued that dreams are simply the by-product of bursts of activity emanating from subcortical areas in the brain.

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Sleeping and Dreaming Essay