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So when we contextualise fractions as a part of "something", this "something" has to be exactly the same. Show how you can draw one whole strip.

Nominal numbers do not show quantity or rank.

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Jamie, the youngest got one- sixth of the pizza, and Mpo, the oldest, got one-third. Now answer the following questions: 2 Was there a rule that you could follow to answer the question? Guess and check.

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One can almost smell the fear of the children — sitting on their hands! That you as teacher evaluate what the learners say and then tell them how to solve the problem.

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They are not able to apply their knowledge to a new situation. The 5 in the tells you The 10 in the into how tells you into how many parts many parts the the whole whole must be must be divided divided The 2 in the tells you how many The 4 in the tells you how many parts you must choose: parts you must choose: Choose 2 parts of 2 marbles each, Choose 4 parts of 1marble each, which is 4 marbles which is 4 marbles Remember to use the same whole 6. Real life situations are applied in the classroom. Tests are not recommended in an OBE approach to teaching and learning. They will not enjoy the subject. Communities that offer equal opportunities for learners to learn. Question 8: Indicate the characteristic that is NOT applicable. Success will not come without effort. The definition is correctly quoted from the textbook. A focus on a singular method and an exclusion of flexible alternatives. Listen actively. The teaching and learning of concepts related to fractional forms fractions, decimal numbers and percentage is one of the most challenging tasks for both learner and teacher. Explain what, in your opinion, went wrong in the teaching and learning situation in which this learner took part.
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