Project report on indian beverages industries

Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo planned for the launch of lemon-flavored versions of their products.

indian beverage industry report 2019

However, much of the marketing for health food drinks in the past has been general health and energy positioning, rather than the focus on specific benefits or ingredients that is characteristic of most mature health food markets.

For example, the industry anticipates an increase of 37 percent for alcoholic beverages byand, according to Euromonitor International, soft drinks will grow by more than percent by There is no such mandatory requirement anywhere in the world to specifically label the glass surface of returnable bottles.

history of beverage industry in india

Companies should implement rigorous water testing and monitoring systems and install treating equipment. Coca-Cola operates through 35 plants and 16 franchisees throughout the country, while PepsiCo has 20 plants, but it has 7 more franchisees at 23 to 16 of its rival.

The soft drink industry has been urging the government to categorise aerated waters soft drinks equitably with other consumer products of mass consumption and remove special excise duty.

Allied Beverages sells non-carbonated drinks in ml foodgrade cups priced at Rs 7 in its portfolio, available in four different flavours.

Cold drink is a most popular product extensively used during summer, in winter and other seasons also. The Department of Food Processing Industries had stipulated that 'contains-no-fruit-juice' labels be pasted on returnable glass bottles. Public concerns over safety and quality of beverages have been aggravated by research findings and the subsequent controversy over alarming levels of pesticide residues in bottled water and soft drinks.

Companies that rely on agricultural supply chains, particularly large numbers of small holding farmers, should look to developing partnerships with government, local NGOs and international agencies to better manage social risks.

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Indian Beverage Industry Report