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Character buildup, Social and Intellectual Skills can be Though we are entering the modern and addressed with the use of CAI for teaching. The researcher will study related literature and studies in Software quality according to ISO which computer-aided instructions under the field of Artificial is the guideline for the use of ISO on software Intelligence.

A comparison of computer-assisted instruction and traditional methods of teaching basic statistics. Difficulty arises when design features conflict with a In this study, the researcher used Descriptive user's goals for or expectations of the system.

Assumes reading ability and spatial acuity. Rodrigo, The researcher used Qualitative Design to gather in- depth information about the software quality of CAI to special children.

The roles of representation in school mathematics pp.

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The scope of this research will solely focus on the usability and portability of software being used in the The use of CAI greatly contributes for the students Computer-Aided Instruction to teach students with to learn to read faster. On a scholarly article of Kimberlee Noel Elsevier Health Sciences. Special Education - Computer Assisted Instruction. In Michigan, a researcher suggested that CAI may have a positive impact on learning algebra in high school. Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with numerical facts about things and people. It also causes attractive features, CAI becomes a great tool for portability issues when the program is transferred from students to learn while having fun.

With the advance web technology, information, and printed media; learners with varied learning styles benefit from CAI materials. Due to different schedules and different knowledge level of trainees, Computer-Aided Instruction is usable in a sense CAI became very helpful and portable in the sense that that the user can manipulate when and how they will lectures can be copied to disk or delivered online.

Probability and statistical concept an introduction 1st EditionRex Book Store.

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For teachers in the Arab world, using computer in the classroom, as an instructional aide, as claimed by Bani-Abdelrahman has a great impact in the field of learning and teaching. Constructionism learning theory. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, —

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Melanie, M. Kinney, D. Systems of representations and the development of mathematical concepts. Visual aids multimedia content , of new technology to our daily lives increases, certain 5. Wah, ed. Brown, K. The researcher will use collect and act on quantitative measures of the quality of quantitative design in gathering data for she will not be these software products.
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