Pestle analysis for asian paints

trends in paint industry

All the key players are almost done with capacity expansion and have started production from new plants. Since the paint sector tracks the overall GDP growth, because the latter was lower than the strong growth recorded in the past, the growth in topline for the top three players was not as strong as in the previous years.

Paint industry analysis

Indian paint industry growth is closely related with the GDP growth rate and has grown on an average 1. Apart from better than expected economic growth, the boost to demand in FY16 can also come from fall in inflation levels as it will have a positive effect on Prospects For The customers wallet and boost his disposable income. Planting and management practices are not only described, but critically examined and related to underlying principles and local circumstances. The third quarter, ending September , saw a consolidated net sales increase of Sound legal system — a factor contributing large foreign direct investment. The finance minister announced that customs duty on titanium dioxide and pigments and preparations based on titanium dioxide will be cut from the current Volatility of the Indian currency and international oil prices and worries about a normal monsoon continue to be major challenges facing the paint industry. It has also connected the belief and value for the decoration of the home. It has proved its mettle in every market it has forayed into with its existing product lines.

Operating margins as a result, might increase notably thus enabling the companies to post better profits. Mergers and acquisitions 3. Increase the awareness regarding paint as the protection not luxury.

political factors affecting paint industry

Titanium dioxide is a key input in the paint industry and makes up per cent of the total raw material costs.

This will lead to an increase in the per capita consumption of paint which will increase the overall demand of paint.

future of paint industry

Kansai Nerolac on the other hand did not do too well and the industrial paints especially the automotive paints business of the company was impacted as the demand for automobiles waned. The paint Perspective: The Question that arises at this is, what about the paint Industry? There is need to encourage this and Government should consider giving substantial benefits for expenditure on this account and dditional benefits by reducing levies on sales of such paints.

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Strategic Analysis of the Paint and Coatings Market