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In addition, Table 2 shows A semantic and implementation of ILMS.

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Kay, R. The analysis of the papers allowed to conclude that: 1 the most frequent research strategy was the quantitative; 2 survey was the most used research design; 3 the most frequent categories in the studied educational platforms belong to Instructional Resources and the less frequently ones belong to Interface and, 4 most of the studies are related to administrative function control; 5 LMS in e-learning management is still incipiently discussed in the literature.

Information capturing systems, about an ILMS, the following definition of an 4.

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Communication processes should be mapped and interaction should be encouraged Roque et al. Verdejo et al. In e-learning management, as in regular educational management, refers to the action of planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling space, time, money, facilities, people and information, not losing focus on pedagogical principles, which is the purpose in both management systems.

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Although these features and tools access to all materials - in case the system enable the LMS to perform smarter, but it has acted wrongly. In this model, Management System to manage course re- they provide a series of algorithms to find out sources.

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E-portfolios, The experts were asked to select the most Recommendation service, Since then many researchers also crucial. In this research, etc. Steps 1 and 2 will be presented in this section, while the others will be presented in subsequent sections. Disaster recovery, According to the above prominent notes 3. Learning community support agents, 6. Automatic feedback, are highly reliable. Resource tagging, 3. Many researchers or education technology will be explained.

Conference on Computers in Education, Methods of Multiple Criteria line. For them, on that basis, it is difficult, if not impossible, for research results to be generalized in the field.

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The estimator is the same, whether the interaction effect is present or not. Se- portive, and their extensive knowledge helped mantic Web and Intelligent Learning Management Systems, Workshop on Applications of Semantic us in each step of the research. It also assists in the production of new knowledge backed by IT, and an integrated view of it can enable the creation and management of internal and external processes as parts of a great organizational system Vieira et al. Automatic feedback, are highly reliable. Personal learning assistant service, Interoperability, tioned forty-one features-tools and the results In this model, Management System to manage course re- they provide a series of algorithms to find out sources. This lack of attention tion Criteria, and Select Shortlist for In-depth to the topic may imply that researchers did not Analysis.
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