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For these products, Samsung uses competitive pricing where it competes with other big brands like LG, Voltas, Hitachi etc on the basis of Brand value, features and price. Thus in various categories, Samsung keeps competitive pricing so as to beat the competitor.

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As you can see, the specs improved dramatically every year. Promotion: The promotional and advertising strategy in the Samsung marketing strategy is as follows: Promotion is a strong pillar in the marketing mix of the company. The distribution channels might also be dissimilar for different product category or market segmentation. What helped Samsung to become an industry leading technology company, was the marketing strategy they applied. Recommendation III. After that, they were famous for their products such as: Tv, refrigerator, microwave ovens Apart from eye catching design and smart features that are above most of its competitors, Galaxy has really very few in the market that can match it except iPhone , Galaxy provides one of the best experiences in the entire smartphone category. Samsung uses various pricing strategies to target different customer segments basis the different products that they offer. As soon as competitors launch products with identical features and capabilities, Samsung lowers the price and further increases its market share.

At the first point, I want to give you information about sponsorship of Samsung for Olympic Games. It has concentrated their production plan on creating tech based products such as smartphones, tablets and accessories and makes most of its revenue through selling such products.

S9 was also promoted through media events so the product could receive adequate media coverage. Samsung offers a wide range of products in different product categories. Signal 2.

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The world of smartphones has grown heavily crowded and as such one very important thing to do to make it stand out from the crowd is to offer a differentiated product. For instance, when Samsung launches new products with different variants of storage capacity, it prices the product higher. Besides advertising, Samsung also uses different promotional tactics to make customers buy the product. When it comes to video promotion, YouTube is the best social media site. Samsung focuses on cost-cutting measures to keep its keep its price low which helps to compete against competitor schemes. At the moment, both parts of the video have more than 51 million views. Its sales and net income took a major jump from to The entire series consists of several models many of which gained more popularity than expectations. Product line pricing. Having variety in manufacturing ensures them a spot in bigger markets. Even if the brand is not as famous as Apple, yet in various corners of the world and specifically Asia it is among the celebrity brands. Making started 1. Samsung tries to get high value at the start with the skimming strategy and then, later on, drop the prices when the competitors try to enter the market. Related Papers.

Televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators and other products have competition in the form Panasonic, LG or Whirlpool. It has a global distribution network including its brand physical stores.

A large part of the global population can be found online and in case of smartphone users, they are the ones who remain online most of the time during the day.

Samsung itself views its distribution system globally and it has connected its purchase department with its headquarters. Data security has become an important concern and that is why the Knox like features are important for smartphones.

Competitive Pricing —This pricing strategy is a part of Samsung marketing strategy. Samsung has made several magnificent videos to promote its Galaxy smartphones.

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Nevertheless, Samsungs products are far more superior to most other brands within its target markets.

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Samsung Marketing Strategy: The Master Brand