Legalized pot killing our country

Kennedy went on to make mental health—including substance abuse—a cornerstone of his political agenda, and he is reportedly at work on a memoir about his struggles with addiction and mental illness. Innocent people always get hurt.

The bill stalled in Congress, but lawmakers did approve another measure that allows the use of medical marijuana in some cases. Other states are reaping the benefits of marijuana taxes as well.

The two work closely with Project SAM and have spoken at events with its leaders. Well, the jury is still out. In the absence of such erasures on a broad scale, merely legalizing the drug would do nothing to remediate the damage inflicted on thousands of people ensnared in a legal universe that so severely handicaps them for doing what white people pull off with impunity.

Invoters legalized pot in Colorado and Washington State; this year, voters in Alaska appear poised to do likewise. Because of recent developments in plant breeding and growing techniques, the typical concentration of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, has gone from the low single digits to more than twenty per cent—from a swig of near-beer to a tequila shot.

Unfortunately, the negative health consequences of the drug are not prominent in the debate over legalizing marijuana for recreational use. A homicide increase over four years alone in cities where marijuana is legalized reveals absolutely nothing.

Reading the tea leaves, it seems likely the wheels of legalization will continue turning, so cannabis companies have cause to rejoice.

why marijuanas should be illegal article

Drug traffickers are also switching to synthetic drugs such as fentanyl, which is easier to traffic than marijuana because it is much more potent, with just a few milligrams amounting to a fatal dose. Of course, these are also places where people are already insecure, ill-equipped to cope with another catastrophe.

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However, the findings of the original study by Meier et al show there is indeed an independent relationship between loss of intelligence and adolescent marijuana use. Too much means that it might do more harm than good. Prescription drugs have rules about dosages, labels that describe their risks, and policies that govern their availability. Abstract Recent years have seen substantial shifts in cultural attitudes towards marijuana for medical and recreational use. They are increasingly abandoning the crop that was once was their bread and butter and looking elsewhere for profits, producing and exporting drugs including heroin and fentanyl and banking on extortion schemes and fuel theft. The enthusiasm for revising the legal status of pot around the country has for the most part obscured any debate about consequences to public health. The measure passed later that month with bipartisan support. Is legalized marijuana hurting youth? People in the United States, a country in which painkillers are routinely overprescribed, now consume more than 84 percent of the entire worldwide supply of oxycodone and almost percent of hydrocodone opioids. Which is it?
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Beijing says US legalization of marijuana is a 'threat to China'