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These programs will be designed to build customer loyalty.

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A customer service desk will always be staffed. JavaNet's commitment to friendly, helpful service is one of the key factors that distinguishes JavaNet from other Internet cafes.

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However, additional competitors are on the horizon, and we need to be prepared for their entry into the market. The public wants: 1 access to the methods of communication and volumes of information now available on the Internet, and 2 a place to socialize and share these experiences with friends and colleagues. Determining a fair market, hourly price, for online use is more difficult because there is no direct competition from another cyber-cafe in Eugene. JavaNet will offer introductory classes on the Internet and email. Many of our programs will be designed to build customer loyalty, and it is our hope that our quality service and up-scale ambiance won't be easily duplicated. The second group is not as familiar with the Internet. Successful operation in year one will provide JavaNet with a customer base that will allow it to be self sufficient in year two. JavaNet will provide: A meeting place for business people interested in sharing their Internet-based business ideas. JavaNet is aware of this threat and will closely monitor pricing. If an employee does not possess basic computer skills when they are hired, they are trained by our full-time technician. Marketing will play a vital role in the success of JavaNet. Last, but not least, quality cappuccino machines and a glass pastry display case provide enticing refreshments. All three target markets for the JavaNet service are growing at a relatively fast pace. Keeping up with the technology of the Internet is an expensive undertaking. JavaNet will capitalize on this social trend by providing a place for smaller and local Internet communities to meet in person.

Marketing will play a vital role in the success of JavaNet. Aluminum track lighting and art from local artists sets the mood. Clear vision of the market need.

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Our customers enjoy beautiful flat-screen displays, fast machines, and high-quality printers. A strong emphasis will be put on keeping customers and building brand loyalty through programs focused on staffing, experience, and customer satisfaction.

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Javanet Internet Café: Executive Summary