How to write an appointment confirmation letter

How to write an appointment confirmation letter

By confirming an appointment, you let the host know you are taking the meeting seriously. Tone — Since this letter can be formal or informal, it means two tones can be used. I am writing to confirm my appointment with you made over the phone the other day. Until then, please call Jane, our administrative assistant, at if you need more information. As I mentioned at our lunch meeting, we plan to hold a meeting in January for anyone interested in employment at Doe International. This action, though small, shows reliability, respect, and professionalism as long as adds interactions with clients and prospects that will help you grow your business. Not only does that give you a better idea of when all your meetings are supposed to take place but it also gives you time to prepare for them properly.

Address other details optional You can write any other details that might be relevant or need to be confirmed. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me next Monday, May In the above example, Gomez has every information it takes to get to Bieber on time. Tone — Since this letter can be formal or informal, it means two tones can be used.

Common ways to start these paragraphs are: I am writing to confirm….

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Another important thing to keep in mind whenever you run a business is the level of efficiency. Whatever the case is, we should confirm appointments via email to make sure about it. If something like this happens multiple times a month, just imagine all the lost revenue at the end of the month.

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Whatever your job is, you will always have appointments. Adequate information — since you will be confirming to a letter of appointment, you need to reference the appointment you have, give your important details and also ensure to give out a clear message.

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If you have any question regarding our appointment or the fact finder, please call me.

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Sample Confirmation of Appointment Letter