How to write a moot court oral argument examples

Except in response to questions, though, oral argument is not the time to recite the facts of the case. Even great advocates aren't perfect, and not every case is a winner, but presenting your arguments with assurance and speaking in a clear, forthright tone makes all the difference.

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Someone who has taken part in the drafting knows what to expect and may not notice spelling errors etc. In surrebuttal you can argue only against the rebuttal.

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But to someone else, what seems clear to you may be obscure or ambiguous. At the end of your presentation, the judges or bailiff if one is present will show you a "STOP" card. It allows you some flexibility. Pay attention to this.

Conclusion When you have finished your argument, end with a clear statement of what you are asking the Court to do a "prayer for relief". Get the names of cases and treaties right.

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Tips on Oral Advocacy