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Write example topic sentence together on graphic organizer or students can use a different transition or a different adjective 5 Text Evidence Which of the following quotes from the beginning of the novel best supports our topic sentence?

The girl has to listens and obeys her mother in order to be safe. The conflicts man versus fate and man versus himself are the conflicts that are displayed several times within this story. Are they not complicated human beings like the rest of us. They seemed unimportant to me now. Hardest part will be finding quotes for the other body paragraphs and, possibly, coming up with a really good hook 9 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes The whole paper must be in third-person, except for quotes, the hook, and the return to the hook.

Before the Cultural Revolution, people had big ceremonies for their ancestors, and for the Chinese New Year. It is oil on canvas, and can be seen on a white wall within a thin black frame around five by four feet. The assortment of yellow and white hid the dark red background of the warm shop.

The importance of this loyalty is once again emphasized as it plays a huge role in their ability to build a strong and positive life in their new free country. Rewriting classic texts can also allow the writer make an original text more moderate, by doing so it makes the text more relatable to the readers and help them understand the story more clearly.

If the country was better for the movement that persecuted me, I was still in favor of it. Before then, Ji Li Jiang actively participated in these events.

When does Ji li feel the culture of Jiang wants her ability to read this personal story of persecution that we see in this personal story would it be the most powerless, and powerlessness.

One day her grandmother gave her a red moredale quilted coat

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