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Additionally, he had many ideas that would lead the boys to a civilized and safe society. Although the book was not great success at that time, it soon became a best-seller and it is a recommended book in the world now.

Even some of the others.

lord of the flies ralph character analysis quotes

A second idea Ralph has is to make huts to live in. In contrast to Ralph, Jack was an aggressive instigator, who was always quick to act. However Golding believes that there is no such thing as a perfect leader, and that every type of leadership is flawed in some way.

Piggy insists on the rules even when the rules are clearly irrelevant, and this stickler attitude, along with his constant speechmaking and self-righteous complaining, drives people away.

The book is about tragic story of young boys in an unknown island in war time.

lord of the flies leadership quotes

Ralph's common sense and ability to recognize what is best for the group as a whole further demonstrates his superior leadership skills. A leader has to be assertive and does not need to back down from anything.

why is ralph a better leader than jack

He would consider them and give his own constructive criticism. I don't know what it does. Jack treats the boys, especially Piggy, as inferiors. Sometimes the strongest person is not necessarily the best choice.

Contrasting with the symbol of the conch is the symbol of the beast which comes to be associated with Jack as by the end of the novel he is almost devil worshipping it.

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Ralph's Leadership in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies