Effects of naxalism in india

Not that, before Naxalism there were no expressions of these trends; the speciality of Naxalism is that those earlier unorganised, dissipated and varied expressions have now, to a very significant extent, coalesced into an organised political movement. According to reports, power and steel industry projects in Chattisgarh with investments of the order of Rs.

Terrorism and naxalism

Absence of proper industrialization has failed to generate employment for rural people leading to dissatisfaction with the government. Despite the Chhattisgarh ambushes, the most recent central government campaign to contain and reduce the militant Naxalite presence appears to be having some success. The Maoist extortion business is estimated to be around a whopping crore rupees. Of course, the attempts to build up peasant organisations by moving to the villages would also start not too long thereafter. Tribal policies not implemented well: Even during the post Independence era, the government was not able to stop the process of the tribal alienation and their displacement caused by large projects. Terrorist, quasi-terrorist petty bourgeois revolutionism crops up from the soil of unprincipled political opportunism. They killed senior party leader Mahendra Karma and Nand Kumar Patel and his son while in the attack another senior party leader Vidya Charan Shukla was severely wounded and later succumbed to death due to his injuries [ edit ] 11 March , Naxalites in Chhattisgarh ambushed a security team, killing 15 personnel, 11 of whom were from the CRPF. A Sabotaged School There have been reports that Naxals physically torture police informers by gruesome acts like beheading, hacking of limbs and even gouging out of eyes. IV As a corollary of the foregoing discussion, the other issue that inevitably poses itself before us is that what is the future of this movement? V While discussing the philosophy of Feuerbach, Marx in the Eleventh Thesis has enunciated: "So far the philosophers have interpreted the world in various ways. Universities have turned up to be a pitch for the creation of radical ideologies.

A large number of urban elites were also attracted to the ideology, which spread through Charu Majumdar 's writings, particularly the ' Historic Eight Documents ' which formed the basis of Naxalite ideology.

Middle Class Youth: The educated youths have been the largest supporters of the Naxalist movement as the maximum of the youths involved in the movement are medical and engineering graduates.

Effects of naxalism in india

The frustrations, disappointments and disillusionments of the middle and upper middle class student community and the hatred, rage and animosity of the youth and adolescents of the poorer classes got crystallised around the Naxalite slogans and action programmes. The early s saw the spread of Naxalism to almost every state in India, barring Western India. Absence of proper industrialization has failed to generate employment for rural people leading to dissatisfaction with the government. The major macroeconomic effects of the Naxal movement are :- 1. The only possible way for any progressive activity to take place in these areas is by peaceful negotiations and ceasefire. Had no whatever access to the brighter aspects of life. Millions got brutally uprooted, had to leave behind their hearth and home in East Bengal to cross over to unwelcoming West Bengal. But, regardless, this exposition, because of restriction of space [in the publication that is to carry it], would limit its focus only on the initial and the latest phase. If one bothers to take a still closer look, then one would notice that the ebb and tide of popular support for Naxalism is not at all in step with that of the success of agrarian revolution in rural areas. The administrative machinery became more exploitative and extortionate at functional level. On 24 May, when a police team arrived to arrest the peasant leaders, it was ambushed by a group of tribals led by Jangal Santhal, and a police inspector was killed in a hail of arrows.

And those born to poorer strata had to, from the day one, suffer grinding poverty, remained deprived of proper education. There are certainly some women in the Naxal cadres and the movement is supported by women. But, by and by, especially with the movement gaining accelerating momentum in urban areas, police actions against the movement turned more and more extensive and vicious.

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General J. At the same time, the social turmoil made them much more aware about their own rightful entitlements. This has been possible only because the Naxalites have received unwavering support from the lower caste villagers and adivasis who were time and again crushed by the higher caste zamindars or governance authorities before the Naxal surge.

Only to find that life on arrival would be too difficult and painful. In order to develop an appropriate and holistic understanding of the trajectory of this evolution, each stage needs be separately taken up, dissected and discussed.

Conversely, and quite notably, a change in the profile of adherents has triggered a corresponding change in the programme actually pursued on the ground. The next major event for Bengal is the Partition and the huge trauma accompanying it. It is originated as rebellion against local landlords who bashed a peasant over a land dispute.

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Naxalism: Meaning, responsible factors and Ideology