Direct to garment printing business plan

You will also have to figure out the most cost effective way to get the t-shirts printed and delivered to your customers. You can even make a direct-to-garment print, then embroider on top of it.

That's something that other processes can't match.

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ColDesi offers customers a wide range of DTG equipmentsupplies like genuine DTG Inkstraining and guidance ; many of their staff members are independent garment decorators with years of real-world experience.

Regularly go to competitor websites and read blogs, always reminding yourself of where you want to be in one, two or three years. The company is set up as a Washington L. You will be able to find several companies who will take care of storage, packing and shipping of your orders.

Drawbacks Printing these kinds of t-shirts asks for a special skill and might takes years to learn. However, if your business flourishes and you have money to outsource, you can opt for third-party warehousing.

From previous work experience, David has established close business and personal ties with HP's printer division and will exclusively be using prototype technology that offers an unprecedented high resolution sublimation process for shirts.

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Add your suggestions to the conversation in the comments below. Once you have a finished and optimized piece of artwork, printing out a design on a direct-to-garment printer is easy. Ask yourself one question; do you have a clear idea of what you are doing? When there are more than four or five colours involved, it gets a little complicated for screen printing machines.

This kind of printing is still preferred by many as the design looks quite original, professional and elegant when printed on the t-shirt.

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