Developing brand awareness for new look

Clearly got a customer service team operated through a call center, we have a Mcom platform and a mobile app, we have websites in the UK but we also have a website—NEU website which is in English which you can buy products in Euro.

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Entertain Another strategy to build brand awareness is to simply entertain your customers. This part of the brand development process goes beyond your logo and tagline to define the key aspects of: who you are, what you offer, and why people should care.

Think about how powerful that SEO is for companies pitching to prospects.

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Host events and workshops Events and workshops are two ways to provide value to your audience. The event received huge amounts of media coverage across the globe for weeks, bringing the two brands and their logos into the homes of consumers.

Use your logo, brand name, and URL to strengthen your brand identity You can reinforce brand awareness every time someone mentions your brand, punches in your URL, or see your logo.

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Do Something Positive There is a lot of negativity in the world so do something positive for your customers.

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Build Brand Awareness with These Clever Tips and Tricks