Custom moulds case study

This will help them in managing expectations of the clients by knowing when they will be able to deliver the product. Therefore, Custom Mold Inc. Key factors: A proper market analysis of custom moulds, analysis of the return on investment and the minimum number of moulds to remain profitable, other avenues of diversification.

operations management custom molds case study

Bottlenecks were occurring throughout the manufacturing process and quality issues were increasing. The company reports that there's been an alarming upsurge in customer complaints regarding the delivery time as well as the grade of the parts that were shipped.

There were numerous non-value-adding processes throughout the?

custom molds inc flowchart processes

This is done by either finding a consultant or just observing the process themselves. The company built its reputation on this and had a great deal of success. The company needs to look into and assess three key factors; how enough time is being spent at each station, the impact of much larger orders on the production time all together, and what changes need to be made at each step to accommodate these larger orders.

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Custom molds case study