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Is adverse event or lack of it mentioned?

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Once you have answered the preliminary and key questions and identified the research method used, you can incorporate specific questions related to each method into your appraisal process or checklist. Data Analysis and Results: Assessment of the statistical significance should be evaluated: - Were the tests appropriate for the data? Small improvements that are statistically significant might not result in any meaningful improvement clinically. Are statistical tests performed and comparisons made data searching? This is by no means a comprehensive checklist of how to critically appraise a scientific journal article. I have attempted to list the questions based on the sections most commonly present in a journal article, starting at the introduction and progressing to the conclusion. Standard Common Questions: What is the research question? The author s and their institution s The presence of a peer review process in journal acceptance protocols also adds robustness to the assessment criteria for research papers and hence would indicate a reduced likelihood of publication of poor quality research. Why is critical appraisal needed? He lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys all the state has to offer, other than skiing, because he is a rebel and refuses to fall into that Colorado stereotype. Who has funded the study and can we trust their objectivity? However, without taking this list through rigorous testing, I cannot assign a weight to them. Confounding Factors: A confounder has a triangular relationship with both the exposure and the outcome. One way we use critical appraisal in the Library is to prioritise the most clinically relevant content for our Current Awareness Updates. Example: cohort study, longitudinal survey.

In general, all questions about the related clinical query, the study design, the subjects and the correlated measures to reduce bias and confounding should be adequately and thoroughly explored and answered.

Critical appraisal of…the Introduction Does the article attempt to answer the same question as your clinical question? Does the study test a stated hypothesis?

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Are the statistical tests appropriate for the study design and clinical question? Statisticians can work out before the trial begins how large the sample size should be in order to have a good chance of detecting a true difference between the intervention and control groups [ 5 ].

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Depending on the study design and sample selection method employed, observational or inferential statistical analysis may be carried out on the results of the study.

Data collection bias. What does the test tell the doctor?

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Different types of studies reported in the literature also have different strengths and weaknesses.

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Dissecting the literature: the importance of critical appraisal