Computer fraud

computer abuse

Denial of Service Attacks Another type of computer crime involves what's known as denial of service attacks. Knowingly causing harm or damage to a computer, including through the transfer of code or information. However, the individual must also access with knowledge of engaging in or with every intent to defraud someone or an entity.

Some may copy details from parts of the government that must remain secret. With so much information available and protected within the computer system, these crimes generally bring serious penalties that often include time behind federal prison bars.

However, with computer fraud, the individual will either access the device without authorization or exceed that which the company gives to him or her for the limited timeframe. The Item of Value Usually, the person committing computer fraud will take information for later use. Fraudsters can even use electronic tools to file false police reports, in the hopes that they may stir up a frightening police response or that they may trigger a bomb scare at a victim's office or home.

These are just a few of the different behaviors that can result in federal charges under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Defendants who participate in any computer fraud offenses could now find themselves facing federal charges with serious penalties.

That system then becomes overwhelmed, and that system then becomes unable to send and receive ordinary internet traffic. State criminal charges are also possible depending upon the nature of the offense.

how to prevent computer frauds
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