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Now could be the perfect time to investigate whether it is appropriate to increase the legal drinking age. We are all aware of the drinking culture that takes place in this country. It was?

Lowering the drinking age cons

And drinking in excess has become a standard way of rebelling against what is seen as an unjust and immoral law. Is there something that all of the sudden makes us responsible drinkers when we turn 21? Rainforth for U. Lowering the drinking age would diminish the thrill of breaking the law. Why is 21 the 'magical' age that makes a person intelligent and mature enough to consume alcohol? We should recognize it? According to the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, in underage drinkers from ages were responsible for Not extending the right is hypocrisy? I believe that when people are 21 they now do not have to worry about the next time they can get alcohol. Legal Drinking Age: 21 or 18? Mitch Adams Lowering the drinking age page 1 You can go to war and die for your country but you still can not enjoy an ice cold beer.

For some states the drinking age was eighteen, but byall states had complied to the twenty-one minimum age law ICAP Reports Website. Their reasoning--eighteen-year-olds were too immature and responsible in their partaking of alcohol. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

Debate on lowering the drinking age to 18

This encourages responsible drinking as done with parents in a civilized environment. But, society has severely circumscribed our ability to do that? The first thing that comes to a teenagers mind when their parents go out of town is,? As a British citizen I have been brought up with completely different ideas about drinking. In England it is legal to go to the pub bar with your parents at the age of fifteen and order a drink and eighteen when you are alone. For most other purposes today, we treat eighteen-year-olds as adults. The frontal lobes are essential for functions such as emotional regulation, planning, and organization. If we raise the age-limit for driving we will hurt the automakers a lot less consumption and lost jobs.

When a random assemblage of college students were asked why they believe the drinking age should be lowered, this was overwhelmingly the most popular response.

The government is willing to send people who are 18 to war where they may die, but they do not want to spend money on cleaning up the streets if someone gets into a drinking and driving accident.

This is what is happening all the time, in society today.

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However, the issue is not exactly at the top of list of priorities for the American government right now, what with the challenges of rolling out Obamacare. Sure, some adults abuse alcohol and some teenagers would be perfectly able to drink responsibly, but why not 18 or 35 or 40?

Why is the drinking age 21 and not 18?

Kids will find a way to get away with it, but getting caught is not something they want to happen. There would no longer be the exciting aspect of being rebellious. He exclaimed,? Congress should lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 because at age 18 when they are in college, for some. In the United States you are legally an adult at eighteen. Get Essay In the United States at the age of eighteen you receive the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. After much reading and observing, I myself think the drinking age should be kept at 21 years old,because young adults who drink while they 're underage make poor decisions and majority of the young adults are in college lacking in classes. Now is the time to take a close look at whether these efforts to protect kids are significant enough to allow people throughout America to start drinking when they are If a person can vote, and even go to war at eighteen, why shouldn? I would rather have them drinking in a setting where somebody? In high school people would go around with cups and collect money for the party keg that weekend. Take a look at the war in Iraq, for example, which the public does not know for certain why it was started Hanson, It is blatantly inconsistent to forbid them to drink. We are all aware of the drinking culture that takes place in this country. Mitch Adams Lowering the drinking age page 1 How is being 21 different from being 18?
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