Cause and effect of waste management

causes and effects of solid waste management pdf

Rats find food and shelter in landfills and sewage, and they can carry diseases such as leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Styrofoam and cigarette butts have been known to cause deaths in marine animals who consume them. The technology requires drying of soil prior to treatment.

Causes of waste management in india

Thus, lessening the amount of pollution we are bringing to our land. For more information about waste disposal and waste management, speak to the team at Metropolitan Transfer Station, a waste transfer station near you in Melbourne today. Many people from other township like Maiteneke, Chabanyama, Chiwempala and other places go there and buy whatever they want. Landfill toxic gas releases and water pollution are as well associated with lung and heart diseases respectively. The waste products created by a natural process or organism quickly become the raw products used by other processes and organisms. The acid leaches not only into the soil but also goes into the ground water. Waste management and soil contamination — contamination results when hazardous substances are spilled or buried in the soil. The Importance Of Waste Management, Poor waste handling and disposal can lead to environmental pollution, encourage the breeding of disease-vector insects, animal scavengers and rodents, and result in a range of diseases through different routes of exposure such as faeco-oral and soil transmitted mechanisms. This also spreads out into other areas with regards to subdivisions such as thermal and radioactive pollution. As discussed comprehensively by Conservation International , we have seen how consumption of fishing lines, cigarette butts, plastic bottles and Styrofoam can kill millions of marine lives each year. The problem with incinerators, however, is that they also produce greenhouse gas and other forms of toxin such as dioxin.

This waste can be recycled by the method of composting, one of the oldest forms of disposal. State has to spend a lot of money to counter the effects of improper waste management.

The most populous countries in the world, such as India, China and the United states, produce the most waste.

Cause and effect of waste management

Additionally, when we come in contact with waste, it causes skin irritation and blood infections. The method of collection, transportation, processing, resource recovery and final disposal should be synchronized for effective implementation. Pyrolysis: Pyrolysis is a form of incineration that chemically decomposes organic materials by heat in the absence of oxygen. They are supposed to collect waste on particular days but quiet often as much as three weeks pass without collection of the waste. It is recognized as a practical method of disposing of certain hazardous waste materials. The liner protects the ground water from being contaminated due to percolation of leachate. Examples of the solid waste materials include wood, paper, plastic, broken furniture, glass, grounded cars, obsolete electronic products, and hospital and market waste. In the course of history, waste regulations were enacted. Incinerators convert waste materials into heat, gas, steam and ash. For other pollutants such as SO2 and PM10, air pollution studies have indicated that there may be effects on morbidity and mortality at background levels of exposure, particularly in susceptible groups such as the elderly.

Leachate produced as waste decomposes may cause pollution. Although methane can be used to make energy, it is generally hazardous to health.

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