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They mean structure for your analysis, they mean structure in your notes, they mean structure in your brainstorming. Any questions about McKinsey case interviews? In response, we developed a method to consistently answer McKinsey case interview questions.

First, a lot of candidates spend too much time on setting the context when telling their story. They care about your calculation prowess. You need to come out with an answer first conclusion.

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In fact, this maths preparation is the first step of the McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme we have put together. More exact math matters to McKinsey.

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However, in our experience, successful candidates start their preparation by refreshing their maths skills and learning a few shortcuts. As a result, McKinsey interviewers will test the same skills as for other consultants, including problem solving, leadership and communication skills.

Solving McKinsey Math 2- You need to solve your math to the ones place.

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5 Tips for McKinsey Case Interview