Case study assessment

It has been known for employers to use real live projects for the case study exercise with sensitive information swapped for fictional examples.

Case study assessment template

In these cases, candidates are required to use their existing knowledge and experience to identify key information from the brief. The Marstairs Arts Centre is a charity that runs a prestigious orchestra for young people as one of its activities. Real exercises may be more complex than this example. You could also nominate a note-keeper. Manage your time to ensure you complete the exercise. The case study is about showing them. As long as you logically justify your recommendations, and these stand up to interrogation from the assessor, you are likely to score marks.

Scheme 2. You could also nominate a note-keeper. Formulating and committing to a decision. These non-locals were highly paid and have pushed up prices in the local shops and also house prices leading to resentment.

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You will be told in each exercise if you are expected to remember the information from a previous exercise, but this is rarely the case. In general, case studies belong to one of two main groups: Subject-Related Case Studies Specific and professional knowledge of subject topics is required.

Case study assessment

A good starting point might be to decide on the criteria cost, value to the community, publicity you will use to decide and to rank these in order of importance. Here, as part of a group of 5 to 7 candidates you would be given about 25 minutes to come to a consensus on which option to choose. Read up on issues affecting the industry the employer works in by reading industry news; it might give you an advantage when evaluating options. Only one of the schemes can be supported. The company is planning a huge brand relaunch. At the end of the exercise I ask the participants to feed back first, then the observers and then myself: usually, by the time the participants and observers have aired their views, there isn't that much you need to say yourself! You may also be drip-fed additional information to assess and respond to throughout the allocated time. The brief A publisher of scientific journals and books is looking to make a significant acquisition. In some instances, these exercises include content that is relevant to the company's affairs, giving candidates a taste of a real day-to-day task.

Generally, the task revolves around mathematical problems, estimation questions and strategic thinking. After examining all the information say which scheme the company should support and give your reasons.

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You will usually be given some information about a work-related scenario and invited to examine the evidence before presenting your findings and solutions — either verbally in a presentation or case study interview or in written form. An interview is all about you telling recruiters what you can do.

I have about two thirds of the each group doing the exercise say 6 to 8 people maximum and then one third of the group about three people sitting round the edge taking notes using the observers' form on our teamwork skills page.

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Assessment Centre Guide: Case Study Exercises