Biography of richelieu

InNapoleon III persuaded Armez to return the face to the government for re-interment with the rest of Richelieu's body.

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In the same year, however, Richelieu's health was already failing. He held the post for only five months before Louis XIII seized power in April and dismissed his mother's staff members.

Madison: University of Wisconsin Press Start Your Free Trial Today Richelieu was the first bishop in France to implement in his diocese the reforms decreed by the Council of Trentand he was also the first theologian to write in French and to establish the conventions of vernacular theological exposition.

Biography of richelieu

Many writings are attributed to Richelieu, although owing to his habit of working with substitutes and assistants it is difficult to settle how much of what passes under his name is authentic. He was the most prominent clergyman to support the adoption of the decrees of the Council of Trent throughout France; the Third Estate commoners was his chief opponent in this endeavor. The nobility also remained powerless. Goyau, Georges. Richelieu; a Study. The assassination of Henry IV in released separative forces that were endemic in the administrative system. Crises in France, including a rebellion of the Huguenots , rendered Richelieu a nearly indispensable advisor to the King.

Foreign policy Richelieu wanted France to become the leading power in Europe. The King and the duc de Luynes recalled Richelieu, believing that he would be able to reason with the Queen.

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However, the conflict ended inwith France emerging in a far better position than any other power, and the Holy Roman Empire entering a period of decline. Library of Congress.

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In Aprilafter receiving a papal dispensation as he was only 21, he was ordained as a priest and bishop.

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Cardinal Richelieu