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This test would help develop and test in both of the positions. Fitness components used in touch football include aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, agility, speed, balance and coordination see appendix 1.

Within touch football the ability to pass and catch is simple, but to be aware of the opponents and the ball is a challenge.

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Available at: [Assessed 20 May ]. The Illinois agility test and the beep test are essential for the centre position in touch football as having endurance is there main fitness component and the agility run is also huge because in touch football they need to find gaps through using their agility.

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Although there are some differences in movements with the positions centre and winger. It is also important when you change directions, suddenly stop or run backwards to get onside.

Energy systems in touch football

Flexibility is the ability to stretch a muscle so that a joint moves more freely and the range of movement as the joint increases, Amezdrox, G. All these components determine the performance of a player, but some are less important. They are positioned on each side of the field, outside the link and near the sideline. The vertical and horizontal jump would be less relevant because of the touch rule. Risks and rewards Although touch football is a minimum contact sport, like any sporting code there is risk of injury. Bibliography About. Agility can prevent a player from tagging you, and even determine whether you score. Every muscle in your body requires energy to perform all movements, and to do this, the energy is produced by the breakdown of a molecule called adenosine triphosphate ATP. This gave the females an average of Central defenders and goalkeepers may also need the ability to generate high amounts of power to jump higher than their opponents. Touch Football Victoria.

Give each other encouragement and consistent instructions before, during and after this tough benchmark test. Some improvements of these are the cone reaction test, shuttle runs and ladders runs.

Evaluation of the Components of Fitness and an Analysis to Their Relevance of Touch Football Touch football is a type of football in which the ball carrier is downed by touching instead of tackling.

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At the first bleep… As with the shuttle runs, you will need a flat, non-stop surface for the bleep test, or the 20m multistage fitness test. Agility in touch is important because it helps you run fast and make a quick touch, then quickly get back on side. Hand and eye coordination is an important skill when passing and watching the opponent. A serious of tests on different fitness components were conducted, showing their connection to touch football see appendix 1. When attacking the middle will mainly receive and pass the ball to create plays and opportunities. Components of fitness are described as basic qualities that demonstrate the ability to complete daily tasks with energy, reduced health risks, and participate in a variety of physical activities 1. The two types of co-ordination being hand eye and footwork. National Standards: -National Standard 4: Achieves and maintains a health enhancing level of physical fitness.

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