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I can cite many other examples of such sheer ignorance and neglect for preservation of our manuscripts. Nevertheless, it is included in the vowel section of the inventory of the Bengali script.

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In some of our archives, for example in Dhaka University Library, air coolers are kept on for some hours, and then turned off after work or on holidays. Connell, R. For Telugu data an accuracy of II, page: , Earlier there was a custom of granting villages to soldiers for maintenance of the force or as a reward for their bravery in wars. One crore taka was allocated for that project. At the first level, features derived at each sample point of the preprocessed character are used to construct a subspace using the 2DPCA algorithm. New recognition method, Small Line Segment was introduced based on chain code rule and elastic matching technique. This writer independent system gives an accuracy of Introduction Bengali is the fourth most popular language in the world and second most popular in India. Please tell us about this project. During the last decades, intensive research studies have been made for recognition of handwritten characters and numerals in various Indian and foreign languages, but a few work has been reported on Oriya character recognition. The comparison of all reported methods is presented in tabular form and is done with respect to pre processing, feature set, classifier, post processing, and reported accuracy. Roy et al. Arora and Namboodiri et al.

Bhattacharya, A. This technique exploits the redundancy in data, thereby achieving better compression and usage of lesser memory.

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For example, a comprehensive story of Bengali prose is yet to be written. Similarly, the Arabic word for a stirrup for a horse rider is Rikab. Devnagari has 11 vowels and 33 simple consonants, Gurmukhi has 9 vowels and 41 consonants, Bangla has 11 vowels and 39 consonants, Tamil has 12 vowels and 23 consonants, Telgu has 14 vowels and 34 consonants, Kannada has 14 vowels and 34 consonants, Gujarati has 11 vowels and 34 consonants, Malayalam has 18 vowels, 36 consonants, and 5 half consonants, Oriya has 12 vowels and 35 consonants; ii In most Indian scripts except Tamil and Gurmukhi there are compound character, which are formed by combining two or more basic character.

The structure of the scripts and the variety of shapes and writing styles pose challenges that are different from other scripts and hence require customized techniques for feature representation and recognition [3].

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Deep Learning Bengali Character Recognition from Real