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This regional concentration results not only from geographical proximity, but also reflects historical and cultural linkages between southern China and Southeast Asia, partly through long-standing trade ties and partly through large-scale migration. For Southeast Asianists in the region and elsewhere, it is also quite obvious that constructive collaboration with Chinese partners on issues of mutual interest will not only benefit the involved parties, but also push the global enterprise of Southeast Asian studies to a new stage.

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Guangzhou: Guangdong Remin Chubanshe. One of its main missions is to organize and coordinate Southeast Asia-related research activities engaged by different institutes, departments, and centers within the university in order to push forward interdisciplinary research. They are more familiar with current theoretical debates in the humanities and social sciences and some have had opportunities to do field research in Southeast Asia or library research in the West, but many lack the indigenous language capacity and intimate local knowledge possessed by their predecessors. How to capitalize on long scholarly tradition, geographical proximity, and close economic ties constitutes a challenge for Southeast Asianists in China. In contrast, studies on North America, Europe, and Japan are fairly underdeveloped in southern China and are mostly centered in Beijing and Shanghai. A survey conducted in October found, from onwards, the appearance of publications including monographs, journal articles, reference works, etc. Writings on Southeast Asia by Chinese envoys and traders can be traced back to the third century A. This essay is mainly concerned with the former type — research institutes that are exclusively or predominantly devoted to Southeast Asian studies.

He can be reached at chsliuh nus. This essay is mainly concerned with the former type — research institutes that are exclusively or predominantly devoted to Southeast Asian studies.

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Attention there was drawn to deficiencies in the following areas: knowledge of local languages, substantial fieldwork in the region, good-quality publications encompassing solid empirical data, well-informed theoretical frameworks, and regional perspectives.

Evangelism in Philippines : Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Mission, Coverage: - The correspondence records of the Board of Foreign Mission provide invaluable information on social conditions in the respective country and on efforts to spread the gospel during the nineteenth century.

For instance, at Peking University www.

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Hence they relied heavily on texts and published materials for their analysis. There seems to have been no serious attempt to date to conceptualize the convergence and divergence of these two separate yet closely related domains of analysis.

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Southeast Asian Studies in Greater China