Art deco designs in todays designs

Despite the use of heavier, straighter lines, art deco fonts are still quite decorative.

art deco shapes

The styles of the s, called Art Deco, are so iconic that as we approach the s, more and more of those influences can be seen in modern day.

Art Deco Patterns Design Art Deco pattern is known for its precise and clear lines, geometric shapes and decoration — these patterns are implemented on surface or attached to a structure.

Chrome, stainless steel, glass and vinyl can be combined with upscale upholstery such as leather or exotic zebra print.

art deco lines

Over the two decades where art deco was most prominent, the style morphed into one used heavily in branding. Yes, art deco truly is experiencing a resurgence. The Most Beautiful Examples of Art Deco Patterns September 20, Lorenzo Pereira The easiest way to identify one of the most influencing styles of the s and s is through Art Deco patterns, because this surely was one of the most popular decorative styles in architecture, design and visual arts in this period of art history.

art deco shape

The first is the combination of heavy, thick lines and geometric shapes.

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The Art Deco Style