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In the second situation participants overheard a heated discussion in the laboratory with the sound of breaking glass and crashing chairs, followed by a man leaving the laboratory carrying a paper knife covered in blood.

Is there a difference between laboratory and real life studies of anxiety in EWT?

christianson and hubinette 1993

Participants were then asked to recall the person from 50 photos. Laboratory based studies have generally shown impaired recall in people who have witnessed unpleasant or anxiety-inducing situations e.

johnson and scott 1976

Trying to adopt the viewpoint of a different witness, e. Watched a violent short film where a boy was shot in the head or 2.

stress and anxiety eyewitness testimony

The effect of emotion on cue utilization and the organization of behavior. A second strength is that Loftus uses a scientific method, this means that we can state that the IV effects the DV. A man came out of the lab holding a paper knife covered in blood.

Penguin island. This is an issue as these participants may have left the experiment feeling exceptionally stressed and anxious, especially if they, or someone they knew, had been involved in knife crime.

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How Anxiety Affects Eye Witness Testimony