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Once the coast is clear, Dorothy grabs Toto in her arms and eagerly rushes to open the front door of the house to step outside. The above list is excerpted from the liner notes on the Rhino Records collection.

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After the deletion of the "Over the Rainbow" reprise during subsequent test screenings in early June, Garland had to be brought back one more time to reshoot the "Auntie Em, I'm frightened! The farm hands were created for the movie by Noel Langley. Fields and Bert Lahr turned down the part. Miss Gulch shows up with an order to take Toto to the sheriff to be euthanized, but Toto jumps out of the basket on the back of Miss Gulch's bicycle and runs back to Dorothy. They all quickly try to flee from the Witch's castle out the main door, but are caught red handed and attacked by the Wicked Witch and her guards who are ordered to seize them. Just using machines to project a giant head giving it's audience a fake illusion. But Baum biographer Michael Patrick Hearn says the Baum family denies ever seeing the coat or knowing of the story; Hamilton considered it a concocted studio rumor. Cannon had submitted a brief four-page outline. At the end of the long hallway, is the extravagant royal throne room of Oz.

But he doesn't get credit for that. In the story, the land of Oz is a very vast and large place, it takes weeks for Dorothy and her friends to reach the Emerald City.

Shirley Temple was the favourite to play Dorothy, but her singing skills were not strong enough. She meets an itinerant phony fortune teller, Professor Marvel Frank Morganwho immediately guesses that Dorothy has run away.

Glinda then calms Dorothy down and tells her that she always had the power to return home to Kansas.

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But Dorothy is convinced that her journey throughout the land of Oz was all in fact real. The shoes would allow Dorothy to return to Kansas. Also, unlike the movie, there is no horse of a different color in the Emerald City. Glinda the Good Witch Billie Burke instructs Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road that runs to the Emerald City, where it is said that a powerful wizard will be able to grant her wish to return home. Also, Jack Haley and Bert Lahr are known to have written some of their dialogue for the Kansas sequence. Dorothy, Toto and the Lion almost instantly wake up only to find the Tin Man has rusted himself crying. She has a umbrella she beats her slaves with though.

After an encounter on the road with fortune-teller Professor Marvel, a well-meaning charlatanDorothy is persuaded to return home to her family. The cap itself held a very powerful charm, which allows the owner to order the Winged Monkeys to obey any command three times as they are slaves to the cap.

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