An introduction to the history of the mauryan dynasty

Balaramaholding mace and conch lower right on a Maurya coin. The Greeks offered a Macedonian princess for marriage to Chandragupta, and several territories, including the satrapies of Paropamisade modern-day Kamboja and GandharaArachosia modern-day Kandhaharand Gedrosia modern-day Balochistan.

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The acquisition of Magadha was the first step in establishing the new dynasty. He was killed in BCE and power usurped by his commander-in-chief, the Brahmin general Pusyamitra Sunga, who then took over the throne and established the Sunga dynasty.

Dasaratha's son did not succeed him, instead Kunala's son Samprati did.

Mauryan empire social structure

India's exports included silk goods and textiles, spices and exotic foods. Ashoka mentions various of his contemporaries in the Hellenic world with whom he exchanged missions, diplomatic and otherwise in his 13th Major Rock Edict. None of Ashoka's sons could ascend the throne after him. Balarama , holding mace and conch lower right on a Maurya coin. Social freedom began expanding in an age of peace and prosperity. Administration The Mauryan Empire was divided into four provinces, with the imperial capital at Pataliputra, near the Ganges River in the modern state of Bihar in India. Samprati, the grandson of Ashoka also embraced Jainism. He was the successor of Samprati Maurya. He succeeded Ashoka after his uncle Kunala became blind, which made him unfit to rule.

In its time, the Maurya Empire was one of the largest empires of the world. Chandragupta found the Mauryan Empire with his help. It also spread through large parts of central India. The Mauryan Army, the largest standing military force of its time, supported the expansion and defense of the empire.

In many ways, the economic situation in the Maurya Empire is comparable to the Roman Empire several centuries later, which both had extensive trade connections and both had organizations similar to corporations. Provided by: Boundless. He founded Jain monasteries even in non-Aryan territory, and almost all ancient Jain temples or monuments of unknown origin are popularly attributed to him.

Advertise Here There were departments to govern, look after, and control almost every aspect of social life: industrial art, manufacturing facilities, general trade and commerce, foreigners, births and deaths, commercial taxes, land and irrigation, agriculture, forests, metal foundries, mines, roads, and public buildings.

Having renounced offensive warfare and expansionism, Ashoka nevertheless continued to maintain this large army, to protect the Empire and instil stability and peace across West and South Asia. Seleucus established himself in Babylon in BC, the year used as the foundation date of the Seleucid Empire.

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introduction Mauryan Empire