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It was published seven years after Douglass escaped from his life as a slave in Maryland. Douglass encountered belittlement even among the white abolitionists in the North. But his narrative speaks so much volume. Chapter 1, pp. Douglass consistently uses symbolical references to the hypocrisy of Christianity, and while he does in his appendix he says 'I mean strictly to apply to the slave holding religion of this land', this is most probably to appease the Christian whites he is deeming to target for the abolitionist cause Douglass, , p Douglass somberly admits that he was not affected at all by the news, as he had hardly known her. Seeing the atrocities of slavers written down in exquisite detail and fluency made the situation as real and terrible as possible. Slaves settled down for the night on mud floors, which were also home to many insects and worms. What is to be done? However when coming to taking the source as a piece of evidence for slavery it must not be forgotten that as a very active abolitionist, who at the time of recording his autobiography was involved in speeches and petitions, Douglass had a political agenda for writing, to gain support for his cause. Douglass published his narrative to attest to the fact that African Americans did not have to rely entirely on the white men to lead their fight, and that the former slaves could defend themselves in public. Frederick Douglass gives a summary of how he, like many other slave children, has no idea when his birthday is but as far he can guess it must have been around

This is most obvious when addressing the wife of Master Hugh whereby he claims that she 'treat me as she supposed one human being ought to treat another' Douglass,p Slaves wore very rough linen clothing, which was never washed or replaced for an entire year.

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Plummer repeatedly whipped his Aunt Hester until the blood streamed down her back simply because she was beautiful and he may have had an interest in her.

What is interesting is that Douglass chooses to show a sense of human compassion within a woman rather than a male which could be due to the fact that reading was a main past time of women of that period as well as the strong role of women rather than men in evangelical missionaries and their involvement in humanist causes as well as anti-slave movements.

A new overseer named Mr.

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It is a dark chapter in the American history and should be fought against at all costs now. We'll take a look right away.

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The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is one the most influential anti-slavery works written by a former slave. Reading example essays works the same way! Who of all of these parties are right and how should I know it? Prior to the publication of the narrative, African American abolitionists were invited to speak of their tales of slavery at anti-slavery rallies. It talks about Americans who give selfless amounts of time toward the improvement of America. His account helps identify the horrors of slavery and evoke questions within the reader concerning the humanity of the institution as well as the validity of religion which has been consistently used as its scapegoat by the profiteers of the trade. Gore takes over at the Great House Farm. However Douglass endeavours to break and merge these oppositions, the mulatto breaking the code of black and white for instance. Douglass begins his tale by stating the discrepancy in which the slaves were forced to live. This narrative can be used directly in proportion to the study of abolitionism throughout history. It is a dark chapter in the American history and should be fought against at all costs now. Yet these were not songs of happiness, but of sadness and despair. Douglass recounts being separated from his mother at a very young age, as he was sold to another owner. The Narrative explains the tactics and measures by which whites gain and keep power over blacks from their birth onward.

When dealing with a slave narrative it is essential to recognise that the author's intention was for a circulation in white society. The slaves lived without virtually any protection from abuse or violence.

narrative of the life of frederick douglass summary

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