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Bissinger, and the director of the movie, Peter Berg, were attempting to portray Boobie and the other characters involved in the most realistic way In the end these boys become a product of decent football training and a mediocre education. Schlegel, Chris.

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See also. Or else. In a small town, such as Odessa, Texas, high school football helps to keep the town together by keeping it alive. Chris happens to be black and Don reverts to racist rants that seem to come so easy to many whites in Odessa.

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The television series that created a phenomenon among viewers who have fell in love with the show, exhibits southern stereotypes of both southern families as well as Texan football players. When it is time to play Midland again, Coach Gaines comes up with another parable for his players. Tony Chavez watches over his son from the stands.

We are introduced to people like Aaron Giebel of Midland.

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