An analysis of the government censorship and the freedom to express ideas on the internet

The U. Or masquerading under high principles of protecting public welfare and morals, it may simply involve a desire to protect the interests of the politically, economically and religiously powerful by restricting alternative views, criticism and delegitimating information.

There is a paradox and some uncertainty and risk for communicators, particularly those pushing boundaries, in that while most communications can not be legally prohibited before they are offered, once offered legal penalties may apply.

FCC v. Facebook : Among other things, the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities says: "You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence", "You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory", "We can remove any content or information you post on Facebook if we believe that it violates this Statement", and "If you are located in a country embargoed by the United States, or are on the U.

As shown by the example of Socrates who chose to die rather than to have his ideas censored or Plato who argued for censorship of the artsthe Romans who censored plays and banished offending poets, Pope Gelasius in the fifth century who issued the first papal list of prohibited books and the Inquisition beginning in indicate, technology is hardly needed to spur censorship.

Publishers and ISPs may be closed or required licenses may be withheld or revoked. The only reason to hold individual speech and information rights would be to better the society, a condition which would likely be met only in certain instances rather than across time, making the default a lack of freedom.

This is on of the great things about this country, the freedom to express yourself.

Internet censorship countries

Access is blocked to sites carrying contents considered to be subversive or pornographic by the state, which justifies it on the grounds of national security and the stability of the political system. Censorship is currently the preferred tool to cleanse this impurity. Sometimes this exclusion is done to satisfy a legal or other requirement, other times it is purely at the discretion of the portal. It would only carry force within the boundaries of the Republic of Chile, and this makes it patently useless, as the Internet is by nature independent of political boundaries. In contrast are legal secrets involving a natural cycle of revelation such as sealed indictments and search and arrest warrants which become known when executed, or an industry confidentiality agreement which may expire after a few years. Here the goal is not to ban the material but to give consumers fair warning so they can make up their own mind. It was initially thought that Tunisia had blocked Dailymotion due to satirical videos about human rights violations in Tunisia, but after Secure Computing corrected the mistake access to Dailymotion was gradually restored in Tunisia. Google, Facebook, Twitter and others -- though private sector companies -- are the new public square. There may be formal review boards or censors may be assigned directly to work at newspapers and broadcasting stations. Therefore, art is easily considered to be the nesting grounds for defilement.

In spite of its dependence on government sources, the mass media may play an important counter-balancing role here, watching those who seek to watch. In the long run it is also difficult for censors to deny pragmatic outcomes and those which are empirically obvious.

This may be welcomed as consumer information or seen as censorship that can chill expression and create an undesirable climate, opening the door to greater control.

internet censorship pros and cons

On a statistical basis the major form of censorship in western societies is self-censorship. Now censorship is accomplished through the altering of books, plays, films, television, radio channels, and other forms of communication.

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Censorship Essay