A general examination of the nutrition at many school lunchrooms

Internal consistency KR was 0. Mean food group intakes that are general MyPyramid recommendations do not necessarily indicate inadequate nutrient intake, but they do suggest that improvements to the diet would be consistent with current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and with relevant Dietary Reference Intakes.

Inadequate intakes were the most prevalent among the older children. Additionally, the rule requires only that half of weekly grains meet the whole grain-rich criteria rather than all grains.

Total fat intake was of less concern: Nonetheless, the usual fat intakes by some children were excessive. These compliance rates are much higher than previous nutrition standards.

nutrition and academic performance in college

In addition to social, cultural, economic, policy, and psychological factors, school cafeteria physical attributes including design, display, and layout at multiple environmental scales can affect meal choices, especially when students are faced with long lines and short meal times [ 13 — 15 ].

Because lunchroom data were general, it generally was not possible to determine whether nutrients were consumed in amounts that were higher than the UL.

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Rollback Of Nutrition Standards Not Supported By Evidence